Our Products


We have the capacity to produce big orders of beaded articles, as well as our fashion and design products, because our work force consists of our 160 members. Our biggest client is Aids Foundation Amsterdam, for whom we make 55 000 to 90 000 beaded Christmas decorations annually. Organisations or enterprises who place big orders can order at wholesale prices. On picnic sets, an order of 100 would qualify for wholesale; for beadwork, an order of 500 pieces. After agreeing with the client on the price of the order, we would sign an agreement, including the date at which the products should arrive at the client’s destination of choice. We ask for 50% of the price as a deposit. We assist the client with shipment. 

Sister Mura33

Beautiful occasion dresses

Prices: depending on style and material


Sister Mura65

Men’s robes

Price : Depending on material chosen


Sister Mura02

A variety of beaded earrings

Price: varies

We also have beaded Christmas tree decorations with AIDS ribbons in different designs, all roughly 8cm high.


Sister Mura43

Coronavirus masks

Price: Retail R35; Wholesale R15


Sister Mura69

Women’s robes

Price: On request

Lovely gifts for yourself or a client.

Sister Mura59

Beaded wire animals

Prices vary