The Sister Mura Foundation tries to assist migrants living with HIV with support groups, for adults and teenagers living with HIV. We help migrants with income generating projects such as the bead project which has run for 13 years, with the sewing workshop. Another important branch of our Foundation is the educational assistance project. Currently 80 migrant families are helped yearly with school fees for primary and secondary school kids and 9 teenagers are studying at Universities or High schools on bursaries provided by the Foundation. We offer migrants with HIV skills trainings to help them to earn a living and we assist families to bury their loved ones with dignity if there is no funeral policy. We have a large vegetable garden at our Sister Mura Foundation aiming to promote healthy life style amongst our members.

To be able to do all the mentioned projects and tasks mentioned above we are assisted by a board, by a management committee of 6 support group members originating from 5 different African countries, by a half time nurse, by a gardener, by a cleaner and by a  care taker.

Our fundraising department is headed by a fundraiser who once was member of the teenagers support group. Our founder, Mr Ricus Dullaert assists the MANCO with the daily running of the organization and with fundraising in the Netherlands.

You are all welcome to 50 Dunbarstreet, Yeoville, Johannesburg to visit our project, we are open on workdays from 9.00-16.00. 

We were registered as an independent Non Profit Organisation in 2017.

NPO Number: 201-798

Bank details:

Accountholder: Sister Mura Foundation 

Bank: First National Bank, Killarney Mall, Johannesburg

Account no: 62216693540    


 Fundraising partner in the Netherlands:

Stichting I.C.A.N. Trust

IBAN: NL94RABO0126164517



Due to outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and in a bid to cushion the economic effects on our members, Manco approached our friends and well-wishers for help.  We received monetary donations from Aids Fonds of Amsterdam, Wild Geese Foundation, Mr Buitenhuis and others from the Netherlands, including The Raam Foundation, The Vogelgesang Foundation, The Herman’s family as well as Mr A. Champernowne from the USA. From April to November 2020, we distributed 200 food parcels to 200 needy families; we also gave out food parcels to our friends from the LGBTI group of the Holy Trinity church as well as other persons in need. Similarly, the Foundation gave R2000 to 105 families of the Foundation to help pay rent and 20 persons from the LFBTI group benefited from this program that lasted till November 2020.

In addition, the Foundation gave data worth R300 to every member of the teenage support group of 50 members to help them continue their education while on lockdown. This lasted from April to November 2020. The Foundation got an order to make 38 000 beads from Aids Fonds Amsterdam, which has been completed and sent to Holland, all to the benefit of the members. Within the period under review, the Foundation has rescued and rehabilitated some persons in distress by way of getting them admitted at Alexandra hospice, where they received medical and emotional care. They have recovered and are ready to be integrated back into society. The Foundation has also made financial contributions towards the burial some of its members and well as other indigent persons that it came into contact with. The Foundation bought and is still buying ARVs for members on the third line regime that is difficult or unavailable in public hospitals or clinics. The Foundation makes provision for those on special diets, who need care or assistance. From the donations received, the Foundation was able to buy a second hand vehicle (bakkie) and constructed a garage for it. The Foundation also employed a social worker, Mr Sam Khosa. Part of the donation received from Aids Fonds was used to build up our vegetable garden under the able hands of Mr Walter Ndlovu. Members are given vegetables after support group meetings. The Foundation received an additional order from Aids Fonds to make 3000 face masks.This order has also been completed and sent to Amsterdam. The Foundation has restarted support group meetings since August with strict adherence to Coronavirus restrictions, which includes mandatory face mask wearing, temperature and sanitizing on entrance and social distancing. Meetings are held outside in the garden.

In 2021, the Foundation intends to embark on a half way housing project to accommodate less privileged members.

 By: Charles Okwonkwo, secretary of the Manco of the SMF.

Our People


Chairperson: Dr Tendesayi Kufa Chaeza

Fr Tsepo Mathubathuba,member (attention field:HR contact with the Anglican Church)

Perseverance Thulo-Patients representatives

Mrs Judith Tinuke,member (attention field charity strategic planning)

Mrs Tendai Chigavazira-Hlokomayo,member (attention field fundraising)

Sister Sylvia

Registered Nurse

Sister Sylvia is able to help our members with healthcare concerns

Board members

Sylvia, Kerrigan, Ricus, Therese, Perseverance, Jennifer

Dr Kerrigan McCarthy (Left)

Chairperson of the board

Dr McCarthy is an HIV, TB and Outbreak specialist

Mrs Susanne Binga from Congo with gardener Walter Ndlovu