We have 158 members, mainly economic & political migrants from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Malawi and DRC (Congo) living with HIV. Of these, we have 113 adults and 45 teenagers living with HIV.

Support Groups

We hold weekly support group meetings for adults and monthly ones for the teenagers. These are geared at: Helping members to understand and accept their HIV status. Preventing defaulting on ARV medication Helping members to share their status with partners, children and family members. Educating members about HIV/AIDS, and ARV medication.

Skills training

We run a skills training program to help members earn their own living. In the past three years we have trained about 100 adults in skills such as hairdressing, manicure, health care assistant, kindergarten, boiler maker, truck driver, electrical engineer. Once they have a diploma they can start their own small business and use their bonus from the beadwork to kick-start their own enterprise.

Educational support

We help 80 families with educational support for their children. We help (mainly single) mothers to get children into schools, and buy books and school uniforms. We are also helping 10 teenagers with fees for their study at University or a High school. We have found that whilst there is quite a lot of support for adults living with HIV, we are one of the few groups who are assisting teenagers.

Income generation

We offer our members income generating activities: bead work and a sewing workshop. All our products are hand made by our members: migrants living with HIV. All the proceeds go to them in the form of payment for their work and in the form of running the Sr Mura Foundation whose sole purpose is to promote the interest of our members. 

Health care

We employ a part-time registered nurse who runs a clinic and particularly helps the teenage group to learn good habits for living with HIV.


Corona lockdown assistance

Sibongile and her family receiving a Corona Relief food parcel..

Sewing and Fashion

The sewing groups makes many beautiful items.


We can assist organisations with large orders for beadwork. 

Coronavirus masks

We produce three-layered masks in colourful African fabrics.

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Board members

Tendai from Zimbabwe receiving a Corona lockdown food parcel. From April 2020 till November 2020 we distributed 200 foodparcels to 200 needy families.


Some of our products

Special occasion dresses

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Spinach from the SMF vegetable garden.

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Men’s fashion items

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Picnic sets

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